The Regency Dining Room

Like the most highly prized wines in your cellar, mahogany whispers elegance and sophistication, while the Regency spirit here invites indulgence and pleasure to equal degree.

This is a room for the best company. The rarity and refinement in the materials and the sheer beauty of the designs in this collection elevate every meal to the status of fine dining.

Form complements function in the marble topped buffet and accompanying side table. The majesty of the dining tables contrasts with simple elegance in the Regency style chiffonier and the slender Sheraton sideboard.

When the heart of your home is furnished with this collection of richly veneered and gilded pieces, you are establishing a luxurious domain for congenial, unhurried entertaining.

The Fitzrovia

Our craftsmanship

We are craftsmen first and foremost, and connected through our passion for traditional skills to all generations of craftsmen designers and makers.

Our collections

Inspired by the golden age, George Bensley collections are leading the trend for mixing heritage and traditional design and materials in contemporary settings.

Our showrooms

With three luxurious showrooms opening in Ho Chi Minh, Seoul and Hong Kong you’ll now be able to touch and admire the stunning beauty of our current collections.

Interior design

Our bespoke design service will guide you in selecting individual key pieces to emphasise your interior, or whole room sets to make a more emphatic statement.